Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Feature - weeones

This Friday I would like to show off the adorable little shop weeones. I had been coveting her stitch markers since I joined Etsy more than a year ago and last Christmas I just had to order some custom collie stitch markers (she wasn't making them yet) for my mom and get myself the little elephant ones. Since then her shop has expanded, offering so many different designs, creatures, colors, and characters I love checking up on it and seeing the new items.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Being Sick

I was told two days ago that I have strep and given a prescription. Although the medicine is supposed to help me feel better, I don't think anything beats getting to relax, wrap up in a big, cozy cardigan with a large mug of tea and read a good book, what about you? What's your favorite way to relax and nurse yourself back to health?Floating Antenna Monster Mug from MonsterOpMaat
Casual Style Cardigan from designbynihan

Finished One Order and Onto Another

I completely finished up that frog beanie and have since started on another custom order beanie.

The frog beanie is for a friend's soon-to-be-born niece. It was knit a little larger than newborn size because, the way I see it, everyone always get clothes and accessories for newborns but they very very quickly grow out of these sizes and rarely have enough clothes to fit them when they do. The beanie has a felt lining so make it extra warm (it is headed to Alaska) and big red buttons to hold the earflaps up if desired. I think it turned out really cute :)

The next order on my plate is a custom beanie for a coworker's boyfriend. He handed be a stack of comic books called The Runaways and showed me a character in them who wears various styles of beanies throughout the series and said to pick one. I looked through all the books, sticky-noted every page with a new beanie and after looking them over with the coworker we decided on one that kind of looks like an anime bunny with big floppy ears. Here is the yarn I am making it out of :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Poo Paper

My parents recently went up and spent some time in Denver and Boulder, Colorado where they picked up random, appropriate knick knacks for their kids.

My older brother got a bumper sticker that said "Puppy Whipped" because, well, he is.

My younger brother got one that said "Spay and Neuter Your Teenagers" which, I'm told, he still hasn't noticed is on the back of his car.

And I got Poo Paper. Yup. Paper made out of poo. And why is this appropriate for me? Because it is made out of ELEPHANT poo! And I may have a slightly unhealthy appreciation (my boyfriend calls it an obsession) with elephants. If you follow my blog, you already know this. If you don't, well, you were informed the hard way.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pouch from Hello.Lollipop

Last week I was informed that I was the lucky winner of Hello.Lollipop's giveaway! The pouch arrived on Monday (which is great because Mondays and I don't always get along so getting a surprise gift on Mondays is always nice:)).

Here is the pouch:

It is very well made, the colors and fabrics work wonderfully together. Right now it is home to a small knitting project I am working on.

My favorite part of the pouch is the button, it is so cute!

Thank you Hello.Lollipop!

Tuesday Learn Something New Day - Wool

I’ve decided that I’d like to make Tuesdays into Learn Something New Days! As a college student I learn new things all the time. I learn something new every day. And I probably say that at least once a day when I learn something new!

I often learn about math or chemistry being at a Tech school but I don’t want these days to be like that. What I post on Tuesdays will be about some sort of art or crafting, perhaps nutrition, or a new technique.

What would you like to learn on Tuesdays? Please tell me in the comments below! I will do my best to talk about anything and everything that you want to learn :)

And now, on to the first installment of Tuesday Learn Something New Day!

Today I will talk about wool specifically and other animal fibers sometime in the future, this post would be way to long if I tried to squeeze it all into one. Wool for yarn and knitting purposes to be exact. Where does wool yarn come from? What are the differences between yarns? What garments would be best to be made of which fiber??

All fibers from animals are protein fibers. Protein fibers all have one basic thing in common, scales. Even human hair has scales (you can feel them by running your finger along a strand of hair toward the scalp). These scales hold yarn together while also allowing each strand of hair to be separate. They are also the reason wool felts. The fewer number of scales per inch of a fiber, generally yields a rougher feel, the more scales per inch, the softer the yarn. Granted, these are very general statements and do not always hold true.

Moving on. Wool. Wool comes from sheep. There are more sheep varieties than I care to count and therefore as many different types of wool. After the sheep are shorn and the fleece is processed (vegetable matter, dirt, etc removed) the wool may be washed and treated to also remove the lanolin. Lanolin is an oil secreted by the sheep to keep it dry and ward off infections. Some breeds are fairly lanolin free and no washing is needed, as with some Shetlands and Icelandic wools.

The staple length of a fiber is very important in determining what should and should not be made from a particular yarn. Longer fibers spun up together make for a more durable yarn which will create a garment that can be used or worn a great deal longer than those with shorter stable lengths. The longer fibers may not feel as soft as the shorter ones though.

Another contributing factor to the final yarn product is the fineness of the original fiber. Fineness is generally determined by the diameter of the fiber. The finer the yarn (the smaller the diameter) the softer the yarn feels.

Wool is a great all-around fiber for many reasons. One, it can absorb a considerable amount of water (up to 30% its weight) while you still feel dry and warm underneath. Great for snowboarding beanies, scarves, gloves, and the like. Two, naturally flame retardant, wool will pretty much put itself out instead of progressing the flame’s progress. Three, wool bounces back quicker than a post-baby body. You can stretch it dry or wet and it will often return to the shape and size of the original project (unless it has been felted, but that’s another topic).

Monday, July 27, 2009

Baby Bird

On Friday Matt and I found a wounded baby bird on campus. It couldn't fly (because it wasn't old enough, not because it was so badly wounded) and we couldn't see a nest in the tree overhead so we scooped him up in Matt's extra tshirt and I carefully cradled him as we drove home on the moped. We put him in a cardboard box with some water and food (not that he ate any, but we wanted him to have access to something). We didn't know what it was, it was too large to be a robin or chickadee, but didn't quite look like a hawk or large bird.

The next day we called the local vet who gave us the number of a bird specialist nearby and after calling her and telling her what we had found she drove straight over and took a look at the bird. She informed us that he was a Collared Dove and assured us that his injury was not extreme or life threatening. She took him home with her and is recovering in caring, able hands :)

Monday Color - Ivory

Lets face it, white can be kind of boring, sometimes, yea, it can be crisp and professional, but other than that, just plain white? Boring. I can't have just plain white walls, I love color! But ivory is on a different level. Its rich, caressing, intriguing. More than just plain white.

Tiger Bone Earrings from simplegracesjewelry

Heavenly Necklace from luxedelux

Sunburst Tangerine Tshirt from janeyclothing

Exploding Daisy from hilariagalleries

Crochet Cotton Cloche from hodgepodgefarm

Everyday Bag from lovejanice

Raspberry Dream Goatsmilk Soap from BoutiqueCandle

Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Feature: Nutmegclick

If you spend any time at all in the Etsy Etc Forum, you probably know Miss Nutmeg. She is always offering up advice and stories that you can sit there and read all day (not just because she is so verbose, but funny, insightful, helpful) I asked Miss Nutmeg if she would be kind enough to do an interview for my dear readers and she did. The following are her answers :)

Why don’t you start off by telling us where you are now (geographically) and how you got there?

I've always been enamoured of India's aesthetic, ever since I was a wee lass renting every Indian film I could from the local library. The colours, the smells, the way of living...all of these resonated deeply with me. As such, I didn't want India to be the first place to which I travelled - that would be like eating one's dessert before one's greens!

Traveling must be somewhere in my genes, since my papa was one of the original punk rockers and he often brought me with him to scamper around various parts of Europe with his band. I also travelled around somewhat in my teens, but first went abroad as an expatriate two months after my daughter was born. Mr.Nutmeg and I decided it was exigent that our wee one be exposed to as many cultures as possible, and we were also looking for further ways to expand our artistic endeavours.

Our first stop was to spend eight glorious months in Turkey, where we helped the production of a documentary about the world's first sedentary gypsy camp. Next was a brief spell in China to visit our dear friends there, and then on to the much-awaited land of India! We lived for six months on the southern tip restoring a traditional-style house which had sat abandoned for years, and then were snagged by the beautiful city of Hyderabad when we passed through it on an excursion. We decided on a whim to move our household here, and have yet to uncover all the wondrous sights and sounds the city has to offer.

What is your favorite meal?

It depends upon what country I'm in! In Turkey, it was ayran (a thin, watery preparation of yogurt) with the freshly-baked pretzels that old men would peddle from their brightly-painted carts...and maybe a persimmon or two. Here in India I love to experiment with all manner of curries, and in China it's momo, a steamed, vegetable-filled dumpling.

I'm also fond of seeing how various countries interpret the food of my homeland. I've eaten a lot of rice-based pancakes (with chocolate syrup, no less), but my favourite international muddle was when I was brought a dainty little plate containing four French Fries, all neatly lined up in a row with knife and fork.

Do you have any strange talents or gifts that others may not know about?

I can make up absurd little songs about anything under the sun at a moment's notice! They're usually fairly short ditties replete with grandiose hand motions. Our present favourite (which we burst into at sporadic moments throughout the day) is a droll little piece entitled 'Oysters and Snails'. I can also make stellar poetry by pushing words through internet-translation devices, and used to perform in the Atlanta Opera.

What kinds of music do you like to listen to?

Of course I've a soft spot for that ol' punk rock, but over the last few years I've been increasingly enamoured of classical music. Mr.Nutmeg is a classical organist, so I've been falling in love over and over again with Dietrich Buxtehude and Scarlatti, and also delight in Bach. Another of my passions is experimental music, having made assorted noises in various ensembles over the years, and I'll soon be composing a book which documents the socio-political connotations of Shanghai's noise music scene.

Where in the world haven’t you been that you would like to visit?

After we fulfill our goal of living in each Asian country, we've set our sights upon Romania. A fellow Etsian has told me they have really good propaganda posters there, and it seems like quite the fascinating place all-around. I also used to have a running joke in which I was married to a Romanian count, so who knows...perhaps I can reclaim my long-lost throne!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dr. Who Scarf Update

Remember back in this post where I introduced you to the yarn I would be using to knit the Dr. Who scarf for a custom order? I have been working diligently on the scarf but it needs to be longer yet. Granted, it does take a hiatus while I am working on other orders with sooner deadlines, but progress is being made, see for yourself!

Thursday Thoughts

“It is well to remember that the entire population of the universe, with one trifling exception, is composed of others.” – Andrew J. Holmes

What can you do for someone else today?

· Smile at a stranger, it may make their day

· Hold the door for someone

· Tip your barista a little extra

· Send a little sticky note with your Significant Other’s briefcase or lunch telling him/her something specific you love about him/her

Please put your suggestions in the comments below J

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Items in My Shop

I know I said that one of my July Goals was to start "streamlining" my shop and I know that listing things other than hats and beanies seems to go against this goal, but it really goes toward it as I have to list everything that I have waiting to be listed and sold before I can get into the "streamlining" part of it all. So anyways, here are some of the new things I have up in my shop :)

clicking on the pictures will take you to their listings :)

Reading Wine Splotches

I've heard of people drinking loose leaf tea and letting the tea leaves fall to the bottom of the cup and then reading them, but could this also be done with wine?

Either way, it sure was a pretty and interesting design :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer is a perfect time to go out and enjoy the sunshine and I don’t know about you, but I find dresses and skirts a little cooler than shorts and considerably more comfortable for me. Here are some of my favorite vintage dresses:

CROCHET trim CREAM gunne SAX vintage MINI dress from salvagelife
Crochet and Gauze Dress from FreestyleVintageCo
Mod Yellow Daisy Mini from LeasVintage
Vintage Yellow Lynn Davis Sheer Stripe Sundress from jadepussycat
Moons and Junes from greaniebeanrecycle
Black eyelet full skirt from persephonevintage
vintage eyelet tiered skirt from nodtomodvintage

Spaghetti Squash

I am a carb-o-holic. I admit it. I love carbs, pastas, breads, crackers, all of it! As Matt and I are undertaking the No Plastic Challenge however, we can't buy pastas like we used to because even the pastas that come in the boxes usually have that little "window" with a plastic covering. I was feeling very deprived of my last of delicious pastas and then we decided to give Spaghetti Squash a try.

We may never look back to be honest. Ever. It is so delicious and much healthier than traditional pastas. We also made our own sauce, again, very simple, healthy, vegetarian and even vegan friendly.

One squash gave the two of us two very full meals. The second meal we decided to warm the "noodles" up by frying them some in olive oil over low heat.

I believe this would be a good meal to prepare with children because scraping the squash into spaghetti-like strands is easy and hands-on. It might even make them enjoy their vegetables ;)

Here is our recipe:

  • 1 spaghetti squash
  • 1 8oz can tomato sauce
  • 1/4 cup diced onions
  • 1/4 cup diced mushroom
  • 1 large diced tomato
  • 1 clove diced garlic
  • oregano
  • basil
  • salt
  • pepper

Instructions for Sauce

  1. Saute onion
  2. Mix tomato sauce with diced tomato, diced onion, diced mushroom, basil, oregano, garlic and pepper to taste
  3. Heat over stovetop for 5 to 10 minutes

Instructions for Squash:

  1. Cut squash lengthwise
  2. Pierce skin with fork
  3. Place cut side down and bake at 350 for 45 minutes
  4. Run fork over inside of cooked squash to release spaghetti-like strands
  5. Add sauce
  6. Enjoy!

If you have any questions please feel free to ask them in the comments below!

Monday, July 20, 2009


Did you ever color your world with crayons?

I used to, then it was colored pencils, and markers were a staple. I still love crayons. Luckily, when my day job gets painfully slow sometimes, I can pull out the big box of 64 Crayolas and color to keep myself busy and headache free! (staring at computers for too long does that to me). The other night I decided to take advantage of these super cool crayons (and I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who actually does, why we have a box of crayons in a University library, I may never know, but I make use of them!)

Monday Color - Goldenrod

As many of you know, yellow is my favorite color. It didn’t come to me naturally that this was my favorite; I had to figure it out. Everyone is always (ok, maybe not "always" but often enough) asking what your favorite color is and while I would usually answer “Anything but pink” I just didn’t know for sure what my one favorite actually was. I realized one day, looking around my small abode at my things I noticed that many of my belongings that saw the most use were yellow and it kind of dawned on me.

Anyways, enough with the random color explanation, here are some neato things I found browsing Etsy by searching the term “Goldenrod”

Indoor Outdoor goldenrod cushion pillow from mustlovehomedecor

Black and Goldenrod Triple Floral Pendant from TheReFORMatory

Magnolia Pleated Bag – Golden from SweetgumHandbags

Solid Yellow Gold Handknit Sunshine Scarf from CricketsCreations

Goldenrod Merino Yarn from Shamdoogle

Friday, July 17, 2009

Custom Baby Frog Hat

Recently a friend asked me to make a beanie for her coming niece. She wanted it to have earflaps and look like a frog so based on her drawing, this is what I whipped up:

The only thing left to do is sew on some big red buttons to keep the earflaps up when desired and sew in a felt lining as the hat will go to Alaska.

What do you think?

Friday Feature: Interview with ASenseOfPlacePhotogr

I haven't done an interview in a very long time so after I found ASenseofPlacePhotogr on Etsy I decided to start back up with my interview session with her. Read on to find out how she got started in her craft and a few other tidbits you might not find out otherwise :)

How did you get your start in photography?

I guess trips to visit family. I'd always want pictures. Then I realized which ones I would throw out over the years, and tried to tune into what really made a picture unique. Nowadays I just feel the entire process is really cathartic for me to have an objective stance on the world and improvisational attitude! The story of my very first "good" picture (Taken when I was 12) can be found here and my photography manifesto can be found on my website (

You have two other shops, would you mind talking some about these?

Sure. GoldenMustard is a Store which I originally wanted to transfer everything to (I actually sell a whole lot more than photography, I'm starting a comic strip, have a poetry book coming out, a children book....etc. But since I have connections on this one I continued to keep it. is hard to remember also. GoldenMustard is my series satellite shop where I sell some of my cards at. Wackadoodles (my mom's shop) is a beginning store featuring her incredibly wacky and creative introspective drawings which she does using paint! I'm always so impressed by her and how different we are.

Can you tell us some about your music?

Sure. My husband and I write folk music, we sing together, and are looking for a band :) Some of our stuff can be found on youtube under broadcastkings4life and also on It's all in it's very beginning stages :) I'm also a Soprano attending the American Musical and Dramatic Academy right here in New York City presently and plan to pursue musical theatre professionally:) My very favorite musician is Paleo who can be found on He's a major inspiration for me.

Tell us three interesting things about yourself that your customer may not know:

1. I got married to the love of my life when I was 20 years old and couldn't be happier. You can learn more about our love story at Our wedding was just featured on last week!)
2. I attended a Swiss boarding school ( when I was 16 years old. It was a life dream of mine based on the book Bloomability, by Sharon Creech.
3. I write under a man's pen name.

If you could travel to any one place in the world, where would you go?

Husband and I really want to go to Norway for Christmas? Why? The gorgeous photographs of course :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Anatomy of a Skirt

I heard about Anatomy of a Skirt long ago in a magazine that I still receive. One of her bags was featured in it (a yarn ball skull and cross needles design) and I just had to have it. I was lucky enough to get it as a birthday present and I have had it for three years now and still use it, actually I used it today, and yesterday, and the day before to carry my books to class along with my latest knitting project. Her wares are very durable (I speak from experience, I have put mine through quite enough), animal friendly, and with a sustainable mind.

She has since had a robot invasion and they have completely taken over her shop, alas, I may not be able to find a replacement bag when mine bites the dust (in another ten years or so *crosses fingers*) but her robots sure are cute!

Fresh Shops

While meandering through the Pounce Feature on Etsy and looking at the new shops, I found a few gems.

This adorable wrist cuff from DotDotStitch is so cute, I'm not much for bracelets, but this one is so sweet.

I know if I had soaps that looked this fun, I definitely would have used it more as a kid, wouldn't you?

-From MelsFunSuds

This quirky painting keeps me looking, and I love that the artist, artatthecottage, used so many bright colors and different medias.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

July Business Goals

My business goals for the month of July include the following:

1) Start blogging twice a day, at least *during the week, Monday through Friday*
2) Contact a blog or two about being featured
3) I want to start stream-lining my shop some so that it doesn't look so disorganized and after much thought, consideration and chatting with my friends and family I've decided to streamline to hats only, or hats mainly, so I want to start incorporating that change.
4) Finish a two main custom orders I have right now:
- a Dr. Who scarf
- a frog beanie for a friend's coming niece
5) Retake photos of old items using the photo tips on Mint

Maybe if I write my goals here where other's can hold me accountable for them they'll actually happen!

Wish me luck :)

Yarn Review: Merino Frappe

For the past few days I have been working on a project I can't tell you too much about just yet ;) But I can give you a review about the yarn I am using if you'd like.

I decided to use Merino Frappe by Crystal Palace Yarns. It is made up of 80% extra fine merino and 20% nylon and comes in balls of 140 yds. The yarn has a small halo which allows it to show off texture (cables, knit direction) but the individual stitches are not as defined (which is great for my project) and gives it a nice mossy type of look. The fabric has a wonderful drape but I am using size 10 needles when the yarn calls for 7 to 9, still I can tell that this is not the type of yarn to be stiff or unforgiving.

It is very easy to work with and stitches do not get split or dropped easily. Very warm and soft, this would make perfect winter garments and it comes in a wide variety of colors.

Have you ever used this yarn before? What are your thoughts? Pros? Cons?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Indigo in itself is such a pretty word, not one you hear much of these days. The color is just astounding as well. It is rich and deep, I just want to sink my fingers into it and see how it feels.

Indigo Monarch from fullmoonflowers
Spirograph Blue from amberalexander
Indigo Minis from smilingsoul2
Indigo Chilly Shawl/Throw from masonke
Softest Indigo by cipolla
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