Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday Color - Ivory

Lets face it, white can be kind of boring, sometimes, yea, it can be crisp and professional, but other than that, just plain white? Boring. I can't have just plain white walls, I love color! But ivory is on a different level. Its rich, caressing, intriguing. More than just plain white.

Tiger Bone Earrings from simplegracesjewelry

Heavenly Necklace from luxedelux

Sunburst Tangerine Tshirt from janeyclothing

Exploding Daisy from hilariagalleries

Crochet Cotton Cloche from hodgepodgefarm

Everyday Bag from lovejanice

Raspberry Dream Goatsmilk Soap from BoutiqueCandle

1 comment:

KatieEatsCake said...

ivory is indeed very beautiful. love that bag and the necklace. so simple and pretty!

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