Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mitts and yarns

Recently another Etsian, nigatsubebe, and I decided to swap some of her yarn for some elbow length fingerless mitts. I found some awesome recycled, eco friendly yarn which was also soft and in some gorgeous colors (I picked black and turquoise for the mitts since she said she liked those colors together).Since I get the Knit.1 magazine every couple of months in my mailbox, I decided to finally make a pattern from it. I generally look through it, love the designs and then get busy with something else and don't really ever get a chance to make any of their patterns. For these mitts, I chose the "Wristers" from their most recent issue.

Here are the skeins I received yesterday:They are gorgeous and I already know what I want to use parts of them for :)

In other knitting news, a fellow student recently requested a Dr. Who scarf. You know, the long, wide, colorful garter stitch ones? So I took the excuse to go yarn shopping and started on the scarf this morning, its going to be a slow project, but he gave me till the fall to complete it since it isn't going to be cold for a while, so that will work out nicely.

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