Monday, July 27, 2009

Baby Bird

On Friday Matt and I found a wounded baby bird on campus. It couldn't fly (because it wasn't old enough, not because it was so badly wounded) and we couldn't see a nest in the tree overhead so we scooped him up in Matt's extra tshirt and I carefully cradled him as we drove home on the moped. We put him in a cardboard box with some water and food (not that he ate any, but we wanted him to have access to something). We didn't know what it was, it was too large to be a robin or chickadee, but didn't quite look like a hawk or large bird.

The next day we called the local vet who gave us the number of a bird specialist nearby and after calling her and telling her what we had found she drove straight over and took a look at the bird. She informed us that he was a Collared Dove and assured us that his injury was not extreme or life threatening. She took him home with her and is recovering in caring, able hands :)

1 comment:

KatieEatsCake said...

aw that was so sweet of you. i hope he makes a full recovery!

ps. i love the header for your blog!

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