Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Goodies!

Finally I get to show you all what I got for everyone for Christmas! I couldn't post about it earlier because some of the people I got gifts for check my blog regularly, but now I can show you!

I vowed at the beginning of my shopping season to do all of my shopping on Etsy, and I stuck with it! As my family is fairly small, I couldn't buy from all of the Etsy sellers, but I tried to support as many as I could.

For my mom, I got some custom stitch markers from WeeOnes...
and a custom ornament from TheMagicSleigh:

I got some custom coasters for my dad from swilhoit:

My little brother received a tshirt from mediumcontrol:

My older brother got a custom painting from javachip:

I got some great gifts myself, a box to organize my knitting notions (this zip lock bag was just not cutting it!), a CD by Holly Brook, a neato torpedo votive candle holder with the Hindu God Gamesha, some DVDs, and of course, like any college student wants, some food and money for food. So all in all, I had a great Christmas :D I hope all the rest of you did as well, and in the coming days I will post some pictures of my family and my gifts.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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