Wednesday, July 15, 2009

July Business Goals

My business goals for the month of July include the following:

1) Start blogging twice a day, at least *during the week, Monday through Friday*
2) Contact a blog or two about being featured
3) I want to start stream-lining my shop some so that it doesn't look so disorganized and after much thought, consideration and chatting with my friends and family I've decided to streamline to hats only, or hats mainly, so I want to start incorporating that change.
4) Finish a two main custom orders I have right now:
- a Dr. Who scarf
- a frog beanie for a friend's coming niece
5) Retake photos of old items using the photo tips on Mint

Maybe if I write my goals here where other's can hold me accountable for them they'll actually happen!

Wish me luck :)


PonderandStitch said...

ooooo a Dr. Who scarf!! That is so cool! I have a scarf we call the Dr. Who scarf. :)

gypsygirl said...

Good luck! Keep us updated on your goals.

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