Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Meet Daisy!

So a week ago I sold my car. Yup. Carless. But guess what? Not stuck and dependent on others for rides anymore! While in Denver for the 4th we scoured the Craigslist ads and found this beauty:

Her name is Daisy, she's a 2003 Honda Metropolitan and she is A-mazing. So much fun to drive as well as ride while Matt is driving. Just enough room for two people and somehow we manage to squeeze all of our school stuffs on with us too (don't ask me how, I'm positive it defies physics). I love her bright yellow coloring, its my favorite :)

Before we decided she was the one, I took her out for a spin all by my lonesome while Matt waited at the truck and when I came back he said it "fit" me and, naturally, I asked how. He said "Its classic, curvy and small" 0.0 That's a good thing right? Cuz, I think she kinda looks like a snail, the seat as the shell and the mirrors as the antennae (eyes) she is just snail-looking. But he assured me is was a good thing and we haven't looked back.

Its a great feeling to go flying down the streets at 35 mph with my hair tied back and my earrings flapping in the breeze knowing that I am getting about 100 mpg. The only thing that could make her better? A cupholder so I can take my tea to class and work with me...I'm sure they make attachments for that right?

Oh, and her seat isn't actually blue, thats a pillow case to keep the seat cool, its black and the sun is a-shinin' today making it a little too warm for my tush after sitting out for a while.


Huggie said...

Seriously inspiring. :) I think I definitely need to look into getting a scooter. She's so cute! And only looks a little like a snail. ;)

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

It's perfect!

Lindsey said...

That is so cute! I didn't see the snail resemblance until you pointed it out.

I know they make cup holders for motorcycles so I'm sure you can find one for a scooter.

gypsygirl said...

Haha, Matt is right, it does "fit" you. But I wouldn't call you a snail? Well, I hope you enjoy it. Looks like you'll love it.

Joy De Vivre Design said...

How cute is Daisy!

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