Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pouch from Hello.Lollipop

Last week I was informed that I was the lucky winner of Hello.Lollipop's giveaway! The pouch arrived on Monday (which is great because Mondays and I don't always get along so getting a surprise gift on Mondays is always nice:)).

Here is the pouch:

It is very well made, the colors and fabrics work wonderfully together. Right now it is home to a small knitting project I am working on.

My favorite part of the pouch is the button, it is so cute!

Thank you Hello.Lollipop!


Stephanie said...

Ah! It's adorable. I love winning giveaways.

amanda said...

thanks for this! just wanted to tell you though, the link is a little off. it doesnt link to my site. the site is www.hellolollipop.blogspot.com
:) thanks again!!

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