Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday Color - Goldenrod

As many of you know, yellow is my favorite color. It didn’t come to me naturally that this was my favorite; I had to figure it out. Everyone is always (ok, maybe not "always" but often enough) asking what your favorite color is and while I would usually answer “Anything but pink” I just didn’t know for sure what my one favorite actually was. I realized one day, looking around my small abode at my things I noticed that many of my belongings that saw the most use were yellow and it kind of dawned on me.

Anyways, enough with the random color explanation, here are some neato things I found browsing Etsy by searching the term “Goldenrod”

Indoor Outdoor goldenrod cushion pillow from mustlovehomedecor

Black and Goldenrod Triple Floral Pendant from TheReFORMatory

Magnolia Pleated Bag – Golden from SweetgumHandbags

Solid Yellow Gold Handknit Sunshine Scarf from CricketsCreations

Goldenrod Merino Yarn from Shamdoogle

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