Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Camping Adventures

This past weekend a group of friends and Matt and I decided to unwind from summer classes by taking a small camping trip and getting away from town. No it wasn't one of those typical, get-so-drunk-you-can't-stand camping trips, it was a legitimate, calming (sort of, at least), only bring a little alcohol camping trips. Remember that house I showed you last time? We went back in that area and showed our friends the house. This time I actually got pictures!
old fireplace, looks like it was put to good usethe staircase was in surprisingly good condition, we thought we were going to fall through a number of times!at the top of the stairs was a large "room" with two mattresses a window on one side and a door-frame on the other

I thought this was a really interesting find, it was in a nearby structure that used to be another house
I found this little broken piece of pottery in a different nearby building (check out that macro action, you like that? eh? eh? I though you might ;))
Matt the ghost

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