Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tuesday Learn Something New Day - Advertising Ideas

So for my second installment of Tuesday Learn Something New Day I have decided to list a whole bunch of ideas for pimping your shop. Please don't take these as the only suggestions, feel free to get creative and post your creative advertising methods in the comments below. These are merely meant to get you thinking of ways that may help increase traffic to your shop. Some may not work for you, some may work better than anything else you've tried. One thing I've learned is that you simply must try everything at least once to truly see if you have good results from it. So, without further ado, here is the list of suggestions :)

-Post in Etsy Forums

-Engage in Etsy chat rooms

-Project Wonderful advertisements





-Business Cards

-To friends and family

-To waiters/waitresses

-Mail in with the bills

-On bulletin boards

-In restaurants “free meal” bowls

-to random people you think might be interested in your store

-leave them in movie cases when you return them, Netflix, libraries, rental stores, etc

-leave them in library books

-Carry something with you

- if you make bags, carry one

- if you screen print T's, wear one or have your kids, SO or friends wear one

- if you make journals, use one

There are so many different ideas out there and don't ever think that just because something works for "everyone else" that it will definitely work for you as well, or just because something never works for "everyone else" that it won't work for you. Part of finding your niche in the market is finding what advertising brings your target market to your products. Now hop to it and try out some new things!

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Jenni said...

Great suggestions!

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