Friday, August 21, 2009

Ice Cream

I've had a sweet tooth craving for a coupla days now and despite my most valiant efforts could not satiate it. I decided it was time to bring out the big guns. Thats right. The Ben & Jerry's Guns. I rode Daisy (our moped) to the store and found the most delicious and full looking pint of Coffee Heath Crunch I could find, and proceeded to blaze home at super sonic speeds to consume my trophy.

It was only after the devastation dust had settled that I realized I spilled some on my shirt. I asked Matt if the fact that I had spilled ice cream in my excitement made me a fat kid. His response? "Well it sure doesn't make you a skinny kid"

Who else likes to engage their sweet tooth every once in a while with a nice heaping bowl? Perhaps some whipped cream? Salted Peanuts? A cherry?

Here are some amazing ice cream finds I found browsing Etsy to help you along with your quest to procure the end-all be-all of ice cream tooth cravings:

Vintage Sundae Parfait Dishes from Kitchensof1956

I Heart You Ice Cweam Moleskin Cahier from Cofy

Ice Cream Soap from LoveLeeSoap

Old Fashioned by squidart

Ice Cream Calavera from MisNopalesArt

Sharing by rkdsign88


Lindsey said...

My grocery store carries the small individual-sized Ben & Jerry ice creams, 3 for $3. I stock up on them whenever I need to satisfy my sweet tooth! It's the cutest little container, it even comes with a tiny spoon in the lid!

...aaaaand now I'm craving ice cream...

Snowbell said...

Sweet tooth through and through so I can pretty much stay away from peanuts and chips. Chocolate is an entirely different matter... It's usually better if I don't have it at home!

cabin + cub said...

That's funny.. I had a craving the other night, so had to get some mint & chocolate chip icecream.... mmmmmm. ;)

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