Tuesday, August 18, 2009


While on vacation, it is always imperative that you get yourself at least one sunburn.

Unfortunately I did this the wrong way and sunburned the entire front half of my body whilst tubing down the river that flows through the center of town.

The worst part? I had sunscreen on my raft the entire time. I kept saying to myself "I'll put it on later, I'll put it on later" And well, later never came and I am paying the price. Luckily, one of the friends who met us there had been a lifeguard and told us a few remedies to take the burn away a little quicker and I am not doing nearly as bad as I should be with this kind of burn. Vinegar, people. White vinegar. And loads of fresh aloe (which was impossible to find, so I found some other stuff that has just a little bit of aloe).

These items from Etsy sellers would also probably have helped out some:

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Jen said...

People tell me that yogurt feels very nice on sunburns. I personally always use a salve I make myself, with herb-infused oils. It works unbelievably well!

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