Thursday, August 27, 2009

Winston's Adventure

Remember our very good friend Winston who came to live with me via IckyDogCreations? Well he went on his first vacation this past weekend out to San Diego and had a heck of a time! Want to see some of his vacation pictures?

He woke up early the second day of the trip and helped make some tortillas, he rolled them out

And flash cooked them on an upside-down pan

He also was able to enjoy some fresh macadamia nuts straight from the tree!

Cracking them open was a bit of a challenge for him

But eating them was easy!

He also got to play a lot of Frisbee and became quite the athlete jumping as high as he could to catch the flying disks!

And he even found some rat-sized Tabasco sauce jars J

1 comment:

IckyDogCreations said...

OMG this is fantastic!! I love it! Winston looks so happy!

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