Monday, May 18, 2009


Matt and I decided to go camping Friday night. We drove out to Water Canyon, half way between here and Magdalena, drove past all the park-and-camp sites, parked his truck and took our backpacks in maybe half an hour, not too far since we got kind of a late start in leaving.

We saw a really cool old house from the late 1800s or early 1900s and of course had to go explore. I did not have a camera with me when we went to explore, but I got pictures of it on the way out on Saturday.

We found a nice little clearing, set up the tent under an overhanging tree and got to work on the fire so that we could cook some tofurky keilbasa (very delicious, I was even a little surprised) and roasted marshmallows, baked a potato and just relaxed away from all the people and civilization of our little rinky dink town. We will definitely be doing this again!


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love camping! And in the fall when it's nice and cold!

livingglassgirl said...

How fun! I haven't camped out in years, but it was always such a good time sleeping under the stars.

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