Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I love honey

I do. I really really do.

Here are some of my favorite Etsy Honey Products

Powdered Honey - I would use this in homemade conditioner to keep in the moisture. I'm thinking it will mix with the vinegar easier than gooey honey. From layla.

I have been dying to try some handmade soap, I'd love one with honey and oatmeal, moisturizing and exfoliating! From goodenoughtoeatsoap.

I have some honey in my tea cabinet that comes from Northern New Mexico and I use it only for special occasions, it is so much stronger and sweeter, not to mention stickier, than the store-bought honey. I'd also really like to try some raw honey from an Etsy seller and ButterflyHeavens is offering a whole pound!

This card would be so cute to give to Matt, I call him my Honey Bunny :) From ZuqandZoe

1 comment:

KLBK said...

powder honey! how crazy!

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