Saturday, August 1, 2009

August Business Goals

So my July Goals didn’t all get completed, it was a busy month and a few unexpected twists took place, of course. But here is a basic rundown of how they all turned out:

1) 1) Start blogging twice a day, at least *during the week, Monday through Friday*

-this was completed except for a few days this month, which, in my book, is success!

2) Contact a blog or two about being featured

-I did contact a blog, still waiting to hear back, will send follow up email next week

3) I want to start stream-lining my shop some so that it doesn't look so disorganized and after much thought, consideration and chatting with my friends and family I've decided to streamline to hats only, or hats mainly, so I want to start incorporating that change.

-I know it doesn’t look like I have since I’ve been listing pouches and hacky sacks, but really, I need these to be listed before I can start making beanies. They were completed a while ago but never made it to the shop.

4) Finish a two main custom orders I have right now:
- a Dr. Who scarf

-still working on this one, its slow going!
- a frog beanie for a friend's coming niece

-all done, pictures can be found here

5) Retake photos of old items using the photo tips on Mint

-did not get a chance to do this one, very sad. But maybe next month!

So based on the results of the previous goals, here are my goals for next month!

August Goals

1) Continue blogging twice everyday

a. Monday Colors

b. Tuesday Learn Something New Day

c. Friday Feature

Contact at least three B&M shops to wholesale or consign

Finish custom orders
a. Dr. Who Scarf
b. Pink Runaways Beanie
c. Any others that come in throughout the month

List at least two new beanies in my shop

Retake photos


Anonymous said...

You did well in July! I think it's good how you've focused your blogging into topics. I took a look at your shop and thought the hackysacks were sweet but I agree that you're shop might be stronger if you focused on your hats. They would really shine when there's a whole bunch of them. Good luck in August!

RiverDog Prints said...

You've got some great goals this month and blogging almost twice a day is phenomenal. Good luck this month!

CrowNology said...

Thanks for the comment on my Monthly (un)goal post! ;)
I will let you know about the photo...ha.
Have you thought of setting up another shop with the other items you make? I have a feeling my shop will be pretty chaotic too. Like an old thrift store...Too bad I can't incorporate cobwebs and smells into an online shop!
I hope you have a productive and fun August! Good luck.

Monica said...

Looks like you have lots to do. I like that you've scheduled a "Learn Something New" day into each week. That's so cool!

Plushroom Soup said...

Blogging twice a DAY? That's crazy good! I'm lucky if I make it once a week! Good luck with August--I'm sure you'll do great! And thanks for the kind words about my plushies!

Anonymous said...

july looks great! i hope august goes well, too!

Sam said...

I definitely understand trying to streamline your prooduct line. There are so many things I enjoy making, but that makes it much harder to stay focused as a business. I've been expanding a lot this summer (what else is summer for!) but hopefully soon I'll wind down.

And I popped by your etsy... the sweater sleeve pouches are so cute! I'm inspired. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, great goals & great follow ups! I'm super impressed with the blogging 2x a day, that's awesome! Good luck for august!

Jenni said...

Thanks for the link to Mint..I enjoyed the pointers!

Liz said...

Great July! Hope your August goes as well for you! Nice idea to streamline your shop with the hats... your work is gorgeous!

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