Wednesday, August 19, 2009


While on our walk that I mentioned yesterday with these dew drops, we were exploring a cabin nearby and look at this little treasure spot (pun appreciated) I found.

Moss. Growing in only one of the three holes! I thought it was so cool, utterly peaceful and very cute. Now, I know terrariums are all the rage these days. And rightfully so, too. I have often found myself meandering through pages and pages of the Etsy Terrariums. They are so calming and intriguing. Here are a few I fell in love with while browsing this morning:

As I sit here sipping my tea, this terrarium embodies all that is a calm morning. green tea with lichen from weegreenspot

I have always been an animal lover and while I could not find a terrarium with an elephant in it (niche warning!) I did find this one, African Daydream from Slackarities

And for those of us who cannot seem to keep anything alive, this Plush Terrarium from WeirdBugLady would do the trick :)

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