Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Huge Thrift Store Score!

So if you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed that a week or so ago, I made a humongous score at the thrift store!  I got a literal MOUNTAIN of yarn for quite a deal :D  Aren't you proud?

You can see there where I kind of nested myself in the middle while looking at each and every ball.

I found all kinds of goodies that by themselves would've cost more than than I spent on the whole lot!  So many vintage wools, Tahki Donegal Tweeds, handspun silk, handspun Camel (that's right. Camel) along with rovings of wool, silk, camel and others that I can't definitely place.  I got so many wonderful yarns!

Now, of course, I can't keep them all for myself, my studio would explode.  Speaking of which, I have to move my studio, right when I was finally getting it all set up too! Isn't that sad?  But its ok, I'll get it all set up again and show you all the final results :)  Ok, back to the score at hand, I can't possibly keep it all for myself so I will be periodically destashing some of the goodies in my shop, like this little collection:

Now don't you want to go scoop that up for yourself and make something wonderful with it?  I definitely want to see what comes of the destash, so if you wouldn't mind, let me know what you create with it!

1 comment:

Christopher And Tia said...

Whoa. That IS a mountain of yarn. YESS!

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