Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Free Circle Scarf/Cowl Pattern

 *I am traveling today, I'll be in Paris tonight!

Its about time for a free pattern wouldn't you say? I wrote up this one with the coming fall season in mind, large cocooning knits are in style and the cowl neck is always chic and cozy.  The stitch pattern provides a bit of texture and interest and the size gives ample room to double it around your neck.

The pattern can be made with a wide variety of yarns and gauges, so make something special for you!

Worsted Weight Yarn (1 skein of Berroco Vintage was used in this example)
Size 11 circular needles
Stitch marker

CO 152
Knit in seed st pattern for 9 rows
*Knit for 7 rows
Purl 1 row
[YO P2tog] across row
Purl 1 row
Repeat from * 3 times more
Knit for 7 rows
Knit in seed st pattern for 9 rows
BO loosely

Weave in ends
Wear fashionably
Ravelry Details Here.


lylian.mae said...

Have an awesome trip! Hope you tweet us something fierce while you're having fun!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to make it for my best friend...but which length are the circular needles?

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