Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ahh Summer. Finally.

We just got back from a nice, impromptu trip to Denver for the weekend and it really was a vacation.  We didn't have anything scheduled in to our days except Ultimate Frisbee.  We got to relax and spend time with friends, ate way too much food and didn't take enough pictures (I'd like to share some but my memory card is being weird and I'll be very sad if it deletes my photos).  Tonight we're heading to a concert in Albuquerque and the next few weeks are a whirl of trips, events and relaxing with friends, isn't that the way summer is supposed to be?

My biggest trip will be to Paris next Wednesday!  I'm going with a friend and we'll be there for a whole month!  We're taking an intensive language class, learning French of course and hopefully traveling and site seeing on the weekends. 
What are your summer plans?  Anything you're excited about?

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