Friday, May 28, 2010


Bonjour from Paris! 

We made it yesterday after hours and hours of traveling, and let me tell you, that did a number on my body.  Between airport and plane food, anxiety and sitting (and trying to sleep some) on a plane for somewhere close to 9 hours over the ocean, my body was not a happy camper.  And to be honest, my mind wasn't either, the moment we walked into our hotel room I got all kinds of homesick.  My body ached with the realization that I was so far away, for so long!

We'll see if I actually make it the whole month here, I know, sad right? I finally get my dream come true, and I don't even want to stay :(  It makes me feel like a pathetic wimp, to be honest.  But, enough with unhappy feelings, let me show you some of things we've seen! (Not much, since we didn't do much yesterday and nothing yet today, waiting for my travel-mate's lost luggage to arrive, who knows when that will happen)
Graffiti Face (found on the way from the airport to the hotel)
Some pretty architecture (taken through a light drizzle)
Some of the views from our apartment window

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