Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Why I Love Knitting Part II

This is the second installment about why I love my craft, who knows how many there will be!

Knitting for me, is like running for my dad, or writing for my mom, or reading for my older brother, and for my little brother it is skating. It is an escape from the stresses of everyday life. With needles in my hands my problems seem so much more….deal-with-able. It allows for my head to process things in a more organized and polite manner. I can plan my upcoming days, projects, and happenings better. I can contemplate the day’s events, I can determine my next course of action (usually knitting). It provides me with piece of mind, it is an instant bearer of much needed patience and seems to bring my bustling world to a much s l o w e r, calmer, relaxing pace.

I believe that everyone should have something of this caliber in their life. It doesn’t matter what it is that brings you down from your high-wire act of life, a cup of coffee, a boxing match with a kangaroo, taking your dog for a walk, picking the perfect dozen of eggs out of miscellaneous cartons at the grocery. If you don’t have something to calm you down, you will be too strung up to enjoy the tunes of life.

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