Monday, August 25, 2008

Interview with remixstudios

At reMixstudio, you can find purses, laptop sleeves and passport sleeves made out of recycled tshirts, and the occasional graphic designer banner and a few prints. The multitalented designer takes her creations from unwanted, old, possibly loved-too-much tshirts to chic, ecofriendly and stylish bags for the women of the world.

First, tell us a little bit about yourself:

My name is Liz; at my “real” job I’m a graphic designer. I grew up on the scenic banks of the Mississippi in western Illinois, moved to Des Moines, Iowa for college. Moved out of state after graduating, and realized I loved Iowa, and moved back six months ago.

I’m really big into travel, and would love to find a way to do that for a living. I live with my younger sister (which is an interesting dynamic) in an adorable 1920’s apartment.

It says in your profile that you miss Africa, did you live there or visit or something?

In college I had two friends who were from Ghana. They made jokes that everyone always said they would come home with them to visit, but never would. A few of us actually took them up on the offer over a winter break.

That obviously was a pretty life changing experience in many different ways. I also was heavily involved with the social justice organization Invisible Children (who advocate for youth in Uganda effected by the civil war in the northern portion of the country) and so Africa is pretty close to my heart.
When did you start sewing tshirts into other useful items?

I started sewing the bags about a year ago. One of my friends had made something similar, but didn’t have time to make one, so I sat down one afternoon and hand sewed one. I got a lot of compliments, and started making more once I got myself a sewing machine (which certainly sped up the process quite a bit.) And within the last month or so, I’ve started making other things like laptop sleeves and passport sleeves.
Where do you get the tshirts?

The first bags I made were from old tshirts of my own, that were either in too bad of shape to wear, or that I didn’t really want anymore. For Christmas, I was given a large bag of shirts, and recently friends gave me some as well, so I’ve never yet had to actually go out and get shirts specifically for my shop. However, that stash is starting to run low, so I may have to in the near future (then again, I have a birthday coming up soon, so maybe a family member can help me out again!)
If you had to express your creativity in another manner, what would it be?

I’m really into just about every creative endeavor to some degree (movies, music, art, etc.) However, I would love to get more into photography. It is something I’m into pretty casually now, but could for sure go further with. I’m actually shooting my first wedding for a friend next summer, so maybe that will be the start there!

This supercool shop can be found here:

Her blog can be found here:

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