Friday, August 22, 2008

Interview with kimforbeads

Kimforbeads’ shop is full of colorful, unique, handmade jewelry. She has a lifetime of experience under her belt and it shows in the quality of her work. I have asked this artist to please answer some questions for us, so that we may get to know her better!

Please, tell us a bit about yourself:

I have been beading for about 18yrs, I love it. Some people can go thru there whole life and never find there passion, I have found mine. I actually do all kinds of crafts besides beading, I do embroidery, cross stitch, crochet, some sewing, card making, and many other things, but I always come back to beading. I love it with all of my heart.

Where and When did you learn how to make jewelry?

I have always lived in Washington. I was crafty as a child, my grandmother and I would always make different things. Later when I was a teenager I worked in a rock shop & got into all of the minerals. That is when I started making jewelry, but I didn't start selling it until about 18yrs ago and the response has been great.

Your shop is very colorful, which colors do you enjoy working with most?

My favorite color is red, but I probably bead with purple, blue & fall colors the most. They turn out wonderful, and everyone seems to love these colors, I also find myself wearing fall colors a lot so most of the jewelry that I make for myself I also do in that color range.

What do you enjoy most about beading?

I love the creativity to explore the beauty in colors, beads, and design. I love the way sometimes things just come together when you don't even plan them out all of the way.

If you had to express your creativity in another manner, what would it be?

If I could sing, I would, I love to sing & write poetry & lyrics. But I keep them mostly to myself. I do not have the best of hearing and I guess others don't appreciate my singing ability as much as I love doing it. I have many poems & songs that I have saved that I wrote as a teenager, and someday I may publish them, we will see. I have a lot of ideas in my head, but never enough time for all of them, that is what makes life so fun. Always thinking of new things to create and new challenges to overcome. Thanks for taking the time to allow me to share a piece of myself with you. I feel as an artist every piece of art (jewelry) that I make has a small piece of me with it. Enjoy.

This wonderful shop can be found here:

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