Thursday, August 21, 2008

Interview with Annlee Designs

AnnleeDesigns offers a range of wonderful, luxurious knitted accessories and tops. All of her designs are stylish and fun, perfect for the young, trendy girl, or the older chic woman. I have worked with AnnleeDesigns before, helping her to translate her patterns into English, and she is so gracious and kind! Ann very gracefully answered a few questions I thought my readers would like to know:

First, please tell us a little bit about yourself:

A bit about myself... My name is Anniki and I'm from Estonia. Usually people don't know where Estonia is- it is a small country under Finland and next to Russia.
In my "real life" I'm full time journalist and newspaper editor.

When/where did you first learn how to knit?

To be honest, I don't know how I learned how to knit. I know my mother have been knitting as long as I remember, that means forever :) I and my sister learned the basic stitches from our mother, but we also had compulsory craft lessons in basic school. After the school I made a break and didn't knit for years, started again 4 years ago when I was pregnant. And won't stop any more!
When you are not knitting, what can you be found doing?

If I'm not knitting and not working, I'm usually in swimming pool. I'm a former proffessional swimmer and although I don't compete any more, I enjoy water and swim 6 times a week. Water is very big part of my life, I live near the beach, swim a lot and go to sailing once in a while.
I also enjoy photography. Nowadays I do more photo journalism, but if I have more free time, I always go to and try to take some nature photos.

If you had the chance to learn another craft, what would you choose?

I definitely want to learn how to sew. I know the basic things, but I'm not good at it and I can't sew clothes myself. I admit I'm very attached to things I do (knitting and crocheting) and don't dream very much of learning new crafts. I want to do knitting and crocheting as good as I can and improve my skills without changing my passion.

Her wonderful shop can be found here:

And her blog can be read here:

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