Saturday, August 23, 2008

Donating Percentage of Profit to Charity

Beginning the month of September I will donate a portion of my sales every month to various charities. The percentage each month will likely change, but will not be less than 10%.

September's percentage will go to The Elephant Nature Park. I have always had an afinity for elephants (ask my friends and family!) and this organization has helped over 30 elephants by providing a sanctuary. Located in Northern Thailand, the Asian Elephants here aren't the only ones who benefit from this program. Rainforest restoration and cultural preservation are also goals of this unique group.

The website for this group can be found here:

I will donate 15% of all my profits the entire month of September to this organization!

This is my elephant tattoo that I have on my upper back, I drew it myself. This is how much I love elephants haha!

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