Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What Have I Been Up To Recently?

The past few weeks have been busy ones, or at least the last week. Classes started back up again, a lot of moving is going on, and of course, a lot of knitting. I have a few projects that I finished recently and will periodically post on Etsy.

The first is a thick, grey wool cowl that has two red ribbons to tie it around your neck. The ribbons are different from each other upon close inspection, but the shades are the same and this difference was intentional:

I also recently finished a matching set of Green and Black fingerless mitts and a beanie which will be listed separately because they can obviously be worn separately:

And I am currently working on a lacy, girly shrug which should be finished in a few days. It has a picot edging and some cool little details on the border of the shrug before it puffs out into a lacy pattern. It is being knit with an awesome variegated yarn containing shades of purple, green and cream:


elizabethjayne said...

Thanks for starting that happy little thread on Etsy, the forums sure could use it every now and then :)

And girl, I love your stuff! The cowl neck is just awesome, and those fingerless gloves...dang, I don't know if I like the stripes or that big ol' honkin' button best!

There's a bit of good ol' Arkansas dialect right there to cheer you up :D

Tins and Treasures said...

I love the colors in this inviting!

AshleySpatula said...

your stuff is really cute! Makes me sad I live in the desert.

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