Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Produce Stands

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We stopped at Produce Stand outside of Chama the other day on our way home from Pagosa Springs and were given slices of watermelon.  Yellow watermelon.  I didn't even know yellow watermelon existed?!  Did you?

After we had finished those wedges, we were given some of pink watermelon and both were delicious, flavorful and quickly gone.  I normally don't like watermelon because its too watery and doesn't have enough flavor, but these slices were amazing!

These Etsy finds remind me of summer, fresh produce and soaking up the sun :)

1) Picnics!  Eco Friendly Blanket from SewnNatural
2) Sunglasses! Vintage Red Sunglasses from EShipShop
3) Sundresses! Vintage Sundress from Homecoming
4) Tomatoes! Mister Tomato from YuliaKazansky
5) Green Leaves! Lush from mistflowerphoto
6) Sunburns (not so "!") Sunburn 1964 from ValerieGalloway

What's your favorite way to spend a summer day? 

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1 comment:

ana said...

i had no idea about yellow watermellon! great photos :) so bright and summer-y

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