Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Yarn Shop

Now, of course I can't come to another country and not check out their fiber goods.  I looked online and found one fairly close to me, within walking distance, that had all kinds of good reviews, and that's where I went on Monday.

Its called La Droguerie and some of the highest quality yarns line the walls when you first walk in.  Alpaca, cashmere, wool, angora, kid mohair, baby alpaca, linen, bamboo, cotton, and blends of each in all sorts of colors, weights and textures!

 There were completed projects made out of the yarns lining the walls as well, and each section of yarn had at least one swatch that had been knitted up so that shoppers can see what the yarn looks like knit up.

Beyond the yarn, there is a plethora of buttons, toggles, patches and embellishments for knitwear or sewn goods, then around the corner lie shelves teeming with jars of beads.

Big beads, small beads, all different shapes, sizes, colors, materials, and purposes.

Not to mention the spools of ribbon!  Ribbons and trims of every color, width and design, what would you possibly do with them all!

And of course, a section for faux flowers, butterflies, birds, vines and the like.

La Droguerie really does have something for everyone, but each customer shares one thing in common: how to get the things they want.  It took me some time to figure this out, and I had to ask a few other customers to find one who spoke english well enough to explain it to me.

Basically, you look around, find exactly what you want, then you wait in a line (the line for yarn, buttons, beads, or ribbons and faux foliage).  The line takes up the most time, but once you reach the front of it, you get the sole attention of the salesperson there to help you.  You tell them what you want (or show them) and they get it for you.  In the case of my yarns, I told her which I wanted and she asked how much, they sell yarn by weight, not necessarily by yardage or straight skeins or balls.  I got 50g each of the two shown below.
(More to come on these goodies later)
After they get you your desired merchandise, they take the goods and the receipt to the checkout counter, you pay and you're on your way.

I've never been to a shop quite like that before, but it was a great first, lone adventure :)

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citigurl16 said...

This is so beautiful holly!! say hi to Megan for me!!! I wish i were there with you, instead of here taking a crash course of surveying... don't forget to bring me back a boyfriend!!!

<3 KD

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