Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Notre Dame

Saturday, Megan and I made our way to Notre Dame.  We saw some neat things and grand buildings on the way:
We also crossed the Seine:

And then, there it was, and let me tell you, you would not believe how big this place is, inside, the ceilings are so high up and everything is so beautifully and exquisitely detailed.
I think if you click the picture, you can see the images bigger, and I apologize for the fuzziness of some of them, its hard to take pictures in a dark space.

There is so much stained glass, and some of it is original to the building!

We were able to go inside the treasury and see all sorts of interesting relics.

If you ever get there and don't want to pay to see inside the treasury, you can still see all kinds of amazing things in the Notre Dame, we didn't go up to the towers, but that is another tour you can pay to see.

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Thea said...

Paris! Eat lots of gelato for me please!

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