Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wanna See Something Cute?

My momma and I are walking this dog every week day.  We leash him up, hand him his frisbee and head off to the park!

He carries his own frisbee all the way to the park and catches it nearly every time we throw it!  It is the cutest little act ever, and walking to and from the park with the frisbee in his mouth always catches the smiles of passers by.

Yesterday while we were on the way to the park, he stopped in his tracks and stared into the trees and while Mom and I were trying to get him moving again we didn't see the small herd of deer he had spotted!

On the way back, the deer were still there, relaxing in the shade, staying hidden from much of the world around them.

Do you have wild animals in your area?

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