Monday, June 28, 2010

Some Lessons Can Only Be Learned The Hard Way

And the fact that puppies and inner tubing down a river is one of those lessons.

It started out a good idea, she likes water, we like tubing, we'll bring her along and she can swim alongside!

But uh....that's not quite the way it turned out, and here are my battle scars to prove it:

(Disclaimer: the following photos show a lot of leg, but nothing that would normally be covered by a bathing suit ;) )

The scratches you can see up by my knee have bruised underneath so now it looks like I got in a fight with a bobcat or something.

We ended up flipping the little raft a few times and the final time it busted, along with my left hand, wrist and heels.  My flip flops did not make it to the end ('end' here was improvised, about half way through the original planned trip) with us and I had to get another cheapo pair to finish the trip with (the ones I'm wearing in the above photo).

Our adventure was well worth it although next time we'll leave the pup at home ;)


Christopher And Tia said...

omg, hahaha.

I shouldn't laugh, I'd HATE it if that happened to me, but- just trying to imagine it all.... you'll look back and chuckle someday, right?

Your poor leg :(

lylian.mae said...

O my goodness! I hope they heal well.

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