Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Second Package!

My spoiler is on top of things! I received my second package yesterday and it was chock-full of all kinds of amazing goodies!

I got an amazing dark chocolate bar that is simply divine and a more quirky candy necklace making kit (the only reason the candy even made it to the photo was because I forced myself to wait until I got home to open the package when I had my camera in my hands to keep them from snarfing down the goodies)

I also got a darling little sheep figurine I have named Beverly who now resides by my window with my plants and internet life-source.

The most amazing part of the package were too HUGE skeins of wool from a farm near my spoiler. She says that "they raise some beautiful sheep and have the wool spun into a rustic yarn (all locally)". I am not quite sure what I will make with these yet, they are a wee bit too scratchy for next-to-skin wear, but perhaps an outer wear style jacket? Or maybe a felted bag? Or a lap blanket? Oh so many options!

Thank you so so SO incredibly much spoiler, the package came on a hectic day after a stressful week (they're all getting to be hectic and stressful now aren't they?) and I absolutely love everything about it!


Annabelle said...

Cool! So neat - love everying!

Anonymous said...

It makes me REALLY really happy to know that the gifts were well received. It's hard buying for people you've never met, even with the Q&A, but also fun at the same time.

The yarn would make a fantastic felted bag, a really warm hat and mittens (but too hot for your part of the country I'd guess), a kitty or small dog bed, and might stretch to make a vest. You could make toys out of it too...

Happy (soon to be) Samhain!

- Mystery Wool

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