Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mail Call!

The only good thing about Mondays is that the mail that has been traveling and arriving all weekend is finally sorted out and given to the appropriate recipients. That means me. I got some fantastic mail yesterday! All from Etsy too :) Wanna see?

Miss Lisa is in desperate need of a name tag so I ordered a custom one from AoDesigns:
Isn't it just so classy and sweet? Lisa feels so pretty now :)

I also ordered this adorable ring from jojojewels7 who is a very kind and understanding seller, I definitely recommend visiting their shop!And.....I got new shoes! I bought them from the cute shop TheCherryChic. They are vintage black suede with a cute little heel and fit AMAZINGLY. They also came in their original box! I have no idea when these could be from, if you have a clue, please let me know, I am very curious :)
Even the kitty enjoyed the shoes hehe, making the box into her own personal bedspace

1 comment:

gypsygirl said...

This cat is so strange. :)

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