Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday Learn Something New Day - Easy Peasy Icing!

Yesterday was my birthday and I decided to make myself a cake. I hadn’t had a birthday cake in the past two years so this year, I was having one. I didn’t care that I had to make it myself, it was being made.

Matt and I found this vegan cake mix at the store the other week, it was on sale and we’re always up for trying new things so it became my birthday cake. Super easy to make, the batter tasted legit (what? We had to test it just to make sure hehe). We didn’t, however, get any icing!

What is a cake without icing? I had to whip some up real quick to top off the cake and this is the recipe I used:

One egg white

The same amount of water ~1/4 cup? Ish? Maybe?

Confectioners sugar

First, mix the egg white and water together well, then add sugar.

There is no specific amount of sugar as I'm sure you noticed....you just keep pouring until the batch is the consistency you want. If you want a ball park figure...I used a LOT. Like, more than half a bag? Not quite sure how much that is...Anyways, it was delicious but I gotta warn you, its very strong, very sugary so you really only a little, tiny, smidgen bit to top off the cake. We also added crumbled pecans that we had lying around, it was delicious :)

(see that mug? its my most favoritest mug ever!)


Chaton said...

Happy Birthday...birthdays always need cake ;)

Swap said...

Happy Birthday to you! I'm your secret swap spoiler, assigned to you by the lovely Amy and Crew of the Recession Special Swap on Ravelry.

I hope you had a wonderful day, and judging by the next post here about the picnic, I have to say it sounds like you did! What a fantastic way to spend a birthday, and I totally get the special day with the hamster thing.

I'm hoping this goes through anonymously, your blog settings don't allow for anonymous comments, so I'm trying to use my super secret swap email identity.

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