Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Trench Coats

So with the seasons beginning to change and the air getting cooler I am on the prowl for a new winter coat (the one I have is .... oh.... a few more than a few years old)

I have always loved the look of trench coats however I've never quite been in the right environment for them, but here are a few for you to drool over and perhaps begin your winter shopping as well ;)

  1. 60s Tangerine Mod Trench from retrothreadz
  2. Trench Coat Shortie in Raspberry Plaid Italian Wool from DeNovoStyle
  3. vintage yellow coat from XhereliesbootsX
  4. Shirley Holmes Trench from ModCloth
  5. Trench coat – black from tldgrainwear
  6. 70s Bright Green MOD TRENCH from tractordog

1 comment:

Retro Threadz said...

So lovely to come across my shop on your blog, thanks so much for supporting us.

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