Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Avocados and Guac

After his recent trip to San Diego with Winston (you can see photos of Winston's adventure here) Matt brought back a duffle bag's worth of avocados. They weren't all ripe yet, but they are ripening everyday and we've had avocado in some form everyday for the past week and a half!
Yesterday we made a tub of guacamole. A tub. A Large Tub. The kind of tub that would cost you $20-$30-$50 at the store so you could have enough guac for your entire family and their pets. Some of the avocados were so ripe that many of the pits were sprouting, they were very easy to split in half accidentally while stabbing with a knife and I may or may not have a stab wound in my left hand that happened to be underneath the kamikaze pit.
letterpress avocado postcard from harpoon

So needless to say, I have avocados on the brain.


Rachel said...

Mmm. Avocados are bliss. I love that letterpress card!

tricia said...

Avocados are one of my fave things, foodwise! I have guacamole every week!

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