Wednesday, September 2, 2009

September Goals

Hiya, I know I know, already a day into September and I'm behind! But anyways, here is my review of last month's goals and my new goals for this month:

August Goals

1) Continue blogging twice everyday -I think I did pretty well, there were a few days when classes got busy that I couldn't, but overall, a success :)

a. Monday Colors

b. Tuesday Learn Something New Day

c. Friday Feature

Contact at least three B&M shops to wholesale or consign - I contacted two, not three :( And well, maybe I should keep trying...

Finish custom orders - I finished them all! Even the few that came throughout the month :D
a. Dr. Who Scarf
b. Pink Runaways Beanie
c. Any others that come in throughout the month

List at least two new beanies in my shop - I did list two new beanies and have even more to list now but I am waiting for my mannequin head to come in the mail :)

Retake photos - yea, uh, this one still needs some work...

And now for my September goals!

1) Blog at least once a day - with Fall classes I won't have too much time but I am going to keep trying to blog twice a day but to keep the pressure off, I'll state my goal as at least once :)
2) Get 100 followers! I have 91 as of this moment in time and once I reach 100 I will have a pretty sizable giveaway to celebrate!
3) List at least 4 new beanies in shop - the beanies are already knit but just waiting for the mannequin head...
4) Prepare advertising slots and prices beginning the month of October (I will be offering advertising on my left sidebar over there <-------)

I think I'll keep the list at four, hopefully I'll reach them all and then in October you will only hear squeals of joy of completion of the list hehe


Anna said...

Eek, I'm in love with the orange cowl on your etsy!! You got so much done in August, yay for finishing all your custom orders!

Journey of Love Designs said...

Hi! thank you for your comment on my blog! i hope we both will exceed our goals this month!

susan fyfe said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog.If you want dancing dogs or cats just do a google search for it. Then, copy the picture!

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