Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Picnic with Delilah

Remember back in this post when Matt and I first started hanging out and we took Delilah for a picnic? And I secretly (or maybe not so secretly…) thought that he was the coolest person on the planet for wanting to take my hamster on a picnic? Well, for my birthday, we did it again!

We packed up our munchies, some beverage, the cam-a-ra (I can’t be the only one who says it like this, am I?) and headed to a nearby park on our valiant steed (Daisy).

We took her down the twisty slide a few times, down the short straight slide and just let her run around to her heart’s content :) It was a super fun trip for all involved.

*Oh and on a separate note, tomorrow I will be announcing some BIG news! So stay tuned ;)


Anonymous said...

too funny, a hamster playing on the playground! I bet she had fun! cute yellow moped!
thanks for visiting my blog :)

This girl said...

Your blog is so cute! I have done this with my guinea pig, Rocky, before, I put a little kitten harness on him and walked him around. It was too much fun, we attracted many children.

Absolutely Small said...

That is so cool! Extremely charming fella you've got there.

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