Thursday, September 17, 2009

Putting Together a Professional Look

Bored with having to look professional? Think that its impossible to be stylish, show your personal taste and yet still be taken seriously in the business environment? I've put together a few looks to help you achieve just that.

First look:
Pants are typically easier to wear than the business skirt and these wide leg trousers from refinerydesigns is the perfect basic staple to start your outfit.

They can be easily worn with a variety of tops to give them an equal variety of looks. This bright red blouse from Thrush would tuck perfectly into the high waist and show that you have spunk and style.

Finish off the look with these classic black pumps from nerdybird

Maybe add a contrasting wood bangle from inbloomdesigns, and you're good to go!
Second Look:
This time we'll start with a skirt suit from DressUpDollVintage. Adorable on its own, no?

That's why we should keep the blouse simple and classic, like this crisp white one from LittleWhiteDresser.

Keep the shoes with a smaller heel but a burst of color, these red ones from TheRubyKitten would work at work. You could still walk around without your feet screaming at you and you would feel oh-so-stylish.

And classic jewelry like a large pearl ring from beatomicbeauty or pearl necklace from ruthkim will complete this look


SB said...

I love the second look :)

Joy De Vivre Design said...

Very cute and classy! I love vintage inspired clothes.

Tessa said...

Gorgeous post!

Lori said...

That skirt suit is so darned cute! What a great post.

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