Monday, August 9, 2010

Travelling Again!

I will be traveling tomorrow to the East Coast!  I'm going with my momma to visit my Uncle and Aunt who live in Asheville, NC.  My Uncle (mom's brudda) is an artist who recently got back from a voluntary job in Iraq.  He paints mostly narative paintings and has a website where you can see all of his amazing work and a blog (where you can see his latest - a Star Wars Mural!!)

I will try to blog during the week, but if I don't, at least you know why :)

Here are some amazing Etsy Artists who live in the Asheville area:

1) Only One Rule by ragamuffinpress
2) Tree House in the Sky by thelindentree
3) Take A Hike by TheWheatField
4) Noodle stoneware Serving Bowl by OneClayBead
5) Taquito the Cat by ALTdesigns19
6) Baby Sparrow Ring by caitiesellers

1 comment:

Elle said...

Have fun! Ashville is only a few hours from me. It's a great town! Tons of talented people live there.

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