Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back to School - Wrangling Up Your Writing Tools

Today's finds are based on your writing utensils!

First of all, you need a great pencil.  One that writes clearly and doesn't break every time you touch it to paper.  I think these from missisaau are so cute and unique, but she has many other varieties if you want to see what other pattern choices you can find.

In order to keep those pencils in tip top shape, you'll need a portable sharpener.  Is there a cooler vintage sharpener out there than this neato Stage Coach one from penorus?

To make sure that those pencils don't disappear to the bottom of your bag and get lost, they'll need a bag to keep them safe and on the top of the pile (or at least easily distinguishable at the bottom).  I'm loving this scooter one from jellytoastkids.  If it were only a bit more yellow it would look like my scooter, Daisy.

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