Monday, August 2, 2010


Sorry I was MIA this weekend, I went to a wedding in Virginia and didn't have consistent internet access.  I'm back now and will be blogging regularly again :)

Wanna see some of the gorgeous pictures (out of more than 300 taken) from this weekend?  I thought so.
The first night we walked around Georgetown and saw the sights.

Of course I brought some knitting with me...

Ate a delicious cupcake (and got crumbs and frosting everywhere, I blame Matt)

Got a chance to wear a beautiful sweater I just finished. Read about it here, Ravelry Deets here.

The Big Moment

We stayed at a beautiful B&B called the Norris House in Leesburg, VA and the wedding was held across the street at the Birkby House.  It was a phenomenal weekend but this week is back to my ever-growing to-do list and blogging regularly!

1 comment:

brad said...

Very nice sweater. Interesting shawl-collar scarf design. Good work.

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