Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back to School - Keeping Your Space Tidy

As I said yesterday, this week will be back-to-school week!  I shared some of my favorite carry-to-class items yesterday and today is all about keeping your space at home organized and tidy - keeping it a bit more user-friendly for those long nights of homework and studying.

Everyone *needs* a desk organizer of some sort.  If you don't have one, your desk quickly becomes a war zone and you won't want to go anywhere near it and your homework won't be done, or it won't be done to the highest quality.  This vintage one from ModishVintage would be perfect, and that color is great! (yellow being my favorite color and all...)

Bulletin or Cork boards  are great to have hanging over your desk.  Sticky notes lose their 'stick' too quickly and leaving a scrap piece of paper with an important note on it on your desk ensures that it will be lost to the depths underneath all of the other nonsense that takes up your space. I really like this one from boardvinos, and they're from Albuquerque (only a short drive from where I live)!

The cork board above your desk would be pretty much useless without some thumb tacks to secure things with, and these Wizard of Oz inspired ones from cocostitch are perfect!

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