Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another Semester

Classes start back up today and in honor of that (and because I'm feeling quite un-organized and a bit frazzled being back in our house and having to unpack and make-ready) I'm sharing with you all some of the best back-to-school organizing paraphernalia I found on Etsy.  Who else gets excited about tidy work spaces and neatly organized desks?
Every stressed-out, over-scheduled, under-fed, insomniac college students owes his or her academic success to a well-used day planner.  I love these from muchadoaboutyou because not only are they colorful and stylish, the hours of each day are printed out so that I can "see" the layout of my day - when I have free homework time, when I have classes, etc. I also love being able to see the month laid out in the same fashion, I can see when long-term projects are due or tests are scheduled.
I don't know about the rest of you, but lists really help me keep control of what needs to be done and by when.  Marking something off of the never-ending to-do list is also a relieving little motion, helping me to see that, yes, things do (eventually) come to completion and not everything is as ever-growing as the list from which it is crossed off.  This List Taker from grandmaslittlelilly would be perfect to carry around, and those birdies are so cute! I also appreciate that it has pockets for a pen and important scraps of paper.

The size of this bag from GetReadySetGO is perfect, a large main compartment with a pocket and the external zipper pocket for pens is so functional and efficient.  The color is lively and the panda really tops off the charm of the vintage messenger.  Your bag can really make all of the difference, too small and you lose things, too big and you risk hurting yourself filling it up, but this one is a great size for running to class and making sure you have everything you need.

That's all for today!  Tomorrow I'll have more organizers and school supplies :)

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