Friday, June 12, 2009

Wine and Cheese

Its no secret. Matt and I LOVE cheese. For Matt, the stinkier the better, for me it can be a little more complicated, the texture makes a big difference as well as the flavor, and finding the perfect cracker to pair it with is also hugely important. Not to mention the wine.

While in Denver we decided to have a Wine-And-Cheese night with some friends, each couple picked out a bottle of wine and a cheese or two. Coincidentally, both couples went to Whole Foods to pick the cheese, but we picked very different cheeses, Matt and I found three small packages of cheese we wanted to try, and they found one large block. We also chose two very different wines, Matt and I chose a red and they chose a white (can't remember the exact types, but our red is in the picture above). The other couple also treated us with a mound of grapes to eat between cheeses to clean and open our palettes :)


1 comment:

Angie said...

I've just started drinking wine about a year ago. I'm still on whites, I havn't aquired a taste for the reds yet.

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