Monday, June 22, 2009

Tutorial: Knitting a Picot Edge

Edgings are great ways to embellish an otherwise ordinary project, or even those projects that aren’t ordinary hehe. There are a few ways to do a picot edge, but today I’m going to show you how to a knitted picot edge in the easiest method that I know how.

To make the edge, you can choose to either begin the project with the picot edging, bind off with the picot edging or pick up an already bound off piece and add the edging. The directions after this point are fairly similar but the first row may be different depending on the project. Either way, make sure you have all of the stitches that you want on your needles for the edge.

Knit two rows in stockinette.

On the next row, yarn over and knit two together across all the stitches

Knit another two rows in stockinette.

This next part I kind of fandangled myself after having done a few edgings the “hard” way where you finish the piece then go back and sew the end of the piece together to make the edge. So instead of that, I bind off (or attach while continuing the work, whichever happens to be part of the project, in this case it is attaching while continuing the project) while sewing the edging in place.

This is done on the purl-side. I go through the front of the stitch on the left hand needle as if I’m about to purl then pick up the equivalent stitch that is on the opposite side of the YO rows where I began the first stockinette row for the edging (in this case the cast-on row) and knit the two together.

If I’m binding off at this time I also incorporate that into the work as the stitches are added to the right hand needle. Do this all across the row and you end up with a nice little detail on the edge of your work.

Did you like this tutorial? Did it make sense? What other tutorials would you like to see in the future?


Anonymous said...

Hello there...
Its so great...
Ma2k ComciComca

taffyyarn said...

thanks for your great tutorial!

Lisa said...

Exactly what I've been looking for this morning! I'm off to try this out and hope it works for me. :)

Anna said...

Hoping I get it. Wink. Not sure if I will use it because that would mean picking up the sts around the entire border if the baby blanket I'm looking at. I do like the picot edge much better than some of the others I've seen.

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