Tuesday, June 16, 2009


So we have a cat?

Yes, its a question. we didn't mean to get a cat, I'm not sure its "ours" per se, but its not anyone else's either....and its at our place?

It used to be another student's cat, but he left Socorro and couldn't take the cat with him so the cat was living with my friend Zita for a while, but Zita's dog scared her so bad she just stayed in the kitchen cabinets and wouldn't come out unless the dog was gone and didn't trust people or anything. So we decided to let it stay at our place and its amazing the turnaround in her personality.

She doesn't hide in the cabinets and the only time she "hides" at all is during the day or when people come over. She comes out and looks for affection, she mrows and we mrow back and then she mrows back and we have a little conversation, she plays a little, stretches out out in the open, she even woke me up this morning so that I would pet her for twenty minutes before my alarm went off. Oh, and she barked? at my neighbor when he was leaving for work this morning.

Maybe this is all normal behavior for a cat, but I haven't exactly owned one since I was a little girl and even then it was a short period of time.


kim* said...

i love my cat. he's 9 1/2 .

Anonymous said...

It's perfectly normal for a cat. Hehehehe such a cute one, too!

I had one that barked. >D He had a lot of issues... he also thought that his back end was a different cat, so he'd always chase and bite his own tail... silly, silly cat. Congrats- this month is national adopt-a-cat month!

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