Monday, June 29, 2009

Natural Soap

I know I know, "why don't you just get Etsy soap? I'm sure you could find some on there that's all natural and comes in natural, plastic-free packaging"

And yes, I very well could and should, but I just had to show you all this soap that I found. In the grocery store. Who ever thunk that you could find this type of soap in a grocery store? And not a cool Whole Foods or Trader Joes either. Smiths. That's what makes this soap so cool to me, I didn't at all expect to find it, but find it I did.

The packaging is all natural, biodegradable and comes infused with seeds so that you can plant it and flowers grow! That sounds neat to me :) And it smells divine, not all soapy and chemically and gross like other grocery-store-soaps.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I've been using this soap for years... it actually clears up my oily skin without leaving it dry or irritated. <3 this soap! I think I used cherry blossom/almond kind.

I also got good soap the other day from, but you'll have to ask her to ship it in wax paper- otherwise it comes in saran wrap! The goats milk/vitamin E kind is my fave. from her.

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